What do you think ECO detergent is in plastic packaging and does not remove stains IMMEDIATELY?!

My stain didn't come off right away! HOW Eco detergent can be in plastic packaging - why not in glass?!🤷🏻‍♀️

I am writing you answers to comments and questions that appeared in Melli's inbox on social networks and were some of the comments and suggestions - that's right, we read your every letter, take into account interest, constructive criticism and always listen!

Let's get straight to the point: 

Eco detergents work completely differently from commercial detergents, their composition is heaven and earth. You can read the detailed difference between them in the previous blog . The main difference is that commercial ones contain ARTIFICIAL bleaches, while most natural ones do not. 

If we added bleach to our detergent - the detergent would not be suitable for every skin, even the most sensitive, it would not carry the VEGAN label, it would not be biodegradable and safe for our Adriatic Sea!

Would Mom and I prefer a super-fast and powerful detergent that removes stains before you even look at them, whitens your clothes and cuts down on the time you spend doing laundry? Honestly, NO.

What I'm writing to you about natural detergent, I learned during 4 years of research and trying alternatives that were necessary to create the Eco line as it is today. 

clothing stains

Some stains required several treatments. Was I annoyed at first and was it bothering me that the stain didn't come off my goods right away? Yes I am! Did it take me longer to figure out how to best use them? That. ALL natural laundry solutions required more of my time.

That's why we decided to offer a much-needed natural detergent on our market that won't take up your time, skin health, or clothes' longevity.

These days I am working on clearly communicating to you through videos the ways that helped me to remove stains using the Eco line. Follow them on Melli TikTok , and so far I've discovered how to preserve the quality of bras when washing, how to keep the colors of your favorite pieces always bright, and that's just the beginning!

Here is a tip that can help you start the fight against stains: 

1. Be patient with stains. Put the detergent directly on the stain, let it stand (you can even overnight) and then wash it by hand or in the washing machine. If the stain has been standing for a long time and is stubborn, try putting detergent and baking soda on the stain. There are also clothes brushes that can help you gently brush the stain and then wash it in the machine. I even tried smearing the stain with our clay soap (this must be our first multitasker ) and then washing it off - this combination delighted me!

All of the above worked for me, so I invite you to try it yourself and let me know how it went ☺ 

And now about the packaging. We weighed for a long time and consulted with Spar's experts - and we concluded that a plastic bottle is the packaging that makes absolute sense for this kind of product. Plastic packaging is not bad if we know what to do with it.

Why the Eco line is not in glass: 

  • it is not baby friendly - it can break and cause injuries
  • the price of detergent would be higher - transporting glass costs more than plastic + it would have to be imported to Croatia
  • although glass can be recycled and reused, research has shown that it consumes as much or even more energy, water and sand to produce glass packaging, and recycling itself produces higher carbon emissions. Also, glass is heavier, so more energy is used for transport = higher emissions. 

We are a small manufacturer of natural detergent and fabric softener, we are focused on the QUALITY that we give you inside that plastic packaging and we have accepted that our product is currently in plastic packaging.

Everything mentioned about packaging does not mean that we are not looking for a solution, quite the opposite, we are constantly looking for new solutions and we work to ensure that the Eko and Natureli lines are always developing. 

We have the first Croatian softener, not an alternative to artificial German, English or American softeners, but - a new (Croatian) standard! Wow, how does it sound when you read it – THE FIRST CROATIAN SOFTENER AND THE SECOND CROATIAN DETERGENT! Product quality is what is important to us. We focused on the benefits we can bring to your life, we continue to work on it and I thank you for being here, because it shows me that you also choose quality over quantity, and that you value the work of (small) entrepreneurs who want to contribute positively in this way changes in the environment. 

Until next reading,


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