The price of soft clothes: YOUR HEALTH!

True, thanks to lard, your clothes are soft. Okay, maybe not yours, but do you know someone who uses commercial fabric softeners and loves perfumey scents on their clothes? The topic is important, the price is expensive: commercial fabric softener can have a negative effect on health.

I wrote in more detail in this blog about the harmful composition of commercial fabric softeners with artificial perfumes that use animal fat such as pork and beef. Let me give you an even better idea: this is really the kind of fat that is known to be used in the kitchen for baking. Because of it, the clothes are extremely soft when you use fabric softener. And no, this is not scaremongering, this is the truth that we sometimes avoid hearing - until that information becomes important to us. As the manufacturers behind the Eco laundry care line, we feel a responsibility to share with you everything we know about commercial fabric softeners and their effect on your skin.

The film on the clothes that is created during the first wash does not come off during each subsequent wash, but remains, accumulates and then comes into contact with the skin. Rashes, red dots, allergic reactions and deterioration of the condition of sensitive skin prone to reactions occur precisely because of this film on the clothes against which the skin rubs. Stains are more difficult to remove because detergents do not manage to penetrate below the surface of that film, and not only eco detergents, but also classic, commercial detergents that we all once used. Allergic reactions can appear in any period of life, from childhood when the skin is most sensitive, but also later! Although the symptoms appear "suddenly", the causes are often part of our routine for years. Excessive consumption of certain ingredients or food over time can usually cause intolerance or an allergic reaction.

4.5 years ago, I was preparing for the birth of my daughter Anna and read in detail the ingredients of all skin care, clothing and home care products. My instinct was good – a newborn baby needed a special laundry detergent, especially a fabric softener. My goal was to equip myself with as natural products as possible and not to expose her skin to chemical products. It turns out that the softener we all love is the worst for our skin. Since then, commercial fabric softener has never entered my home. With the arrival of baby Anna, my journey towards a low tox home gained quite a bit of momentum!

Together with my mother, I was looking for a way to have soft clothes, but to be softened by quality ingredients. Today I am grateful because our curiosity resulted in Melli eco fabric softener and detergent. We created the Melli eco line primarily for personal needs, and today eco fabric softener and detergent are part of hundreds and hundreds of homes.

We have not developed an alternative to commercial fabric softeners.
We have developed a new softener standard!

With small steps we can make a big change in our life, so if you have already thought about starting the journey to a low tox home and gradually removing harmful products from your household, either for yourself or your family, I would like you to take this blog as a sign and that the first on the list of products to be replaced should be a commercial fabric softener. And you know: once you start on that path, changes will come naturally and you will feel better knowing that your home is getting greener, and your skin and the Planet will thank you.

We choose to protect your health and ours and uncompromisingly use high-quality, natural ingredients with Ecolabel cotton scent: Melli detergent and fabric softener - the first Croatian Eco duo: intended even for babies ❤️

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  • Omekšivač i deterdžent sam isprobala kada ste krenuli sa Intersparom i od onda ga kupijem. Nedavno sam obnovila zalihe i isprobala osvježivač za robu i prostor, te sapune sa bijelom i zelenom glinom koje sam dobila kao tester. Proizvodi su savršeni. Kći mi je odmah jedan osvježivač prisvojila za sobu. Ne pada mi na pamet kupiti više išta osim vaših proizvoda. Bravo!


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