ECO laundry duo
ECO laundry duo
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ECO laundry duo

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∙ also safe for baby's skin

∙ gentle on clothes, household appliances and the environment

∙ natural soap base from olive and coconut

∙ 0% dyes, sulfates and artificial fragrances

∙ without microplastics


Snow-white fabric softener and laundry detergent with a mild cotton scent are ecological products that are gentle not only on the skin but also on your clothes, household appliances and, of course, nature and the environment, something that we at Mella Aromatica have been thinking about and working on for years.

All worried inhabitants of our 'Blue Planet' can breathe a sigh of relief because our new products do not contain parabens, sulfates and dyes, they are based on a biodegradable formula without microplastics, which pose a great danger to the seas and oceans, and they are also proud of the VEGAN certificate, which guarantees that the products do not contain ingredients of animal origin, as well as not being tested on animals. In their composition, they have olive and coconut vegetable oils, a natural soap base, citric acid and other mild ingredients that show serious strength and effectiveness in washing.

ECO detergent has a thick and creamy texture, which is why it does not require large quantities when washing, and it very effectively removes stains from clothes and leaves the washing machine shiny and clean! It is suitable for hand and machine washing, as well as for washing at temperatures from 30 to 90 °C.

The EKO fabric softener also carries the VEGAN label, and the subtle smell of cotton will take you back to your grandmother's yard and bring back the most beautiful memories, which will make washing clothes your favorite household chore.

High-quality and considerate of people and the environment, Melli Aromatica detergent and fabric softener will deserve a place in every modern household that thinks about a more beautiful and healthier future.


To help you find your way around how much product you need for laundry, we measured how much one cap weighs.

1 cap of detergent = 8 ml

1 cap of softener = 8 ml

There is a new dosage table in the photos, so please stick to the new table.

Detergent ingredients:

water, coconut soap, sodium citrate, xanthan gum, olive soap, amphoteric surfactant, Ecolabel fragrance Cotton Flower, 2-hydroxyethyl stearate, sodium chloride, citric acid, sodium benzoate.

Note: We recommend soaking stubborn and dried stains with cold water and dropping the detergent directly on the stain, rubbing it in and leaving it to work before washing. After the procedure, wash the goods in the washing machine or by hand.

Softener ingredients: water, cationic surfactant, isopropanol, Ecolabel Cotton Flower scent, sodium benzoate, olive and coconut oil.

Instructions for use: always read the washing instructions on the clothing label, especially the washing temperature. Wash new clothes separately for the first time. Pour the detergent directly into the washing machine tank or into the designated compartment.

WARNING: Irritating to the skin. Causes strong eye irritation. If medical assistance is required, show the container or label. Keep out of reach of children. Wash your hands thoroughly after use.