Order and payment methods

Products are ordered by selecting, using the menu and filling in the electronic form. The customer can order and purchase the product as a registered or unregistered user.

Payment for ordered products can be made in the following ways:

- by general payment to account no. HR7123600001102757851

- internet banking to account no. HR7123600001102757851

- cash on delivery

The order is considered received:

in case of payment by e-banking, general payment and cash on delivery - at the moment when Melli Aromatica receives the order electronically.

At the moment when the order is received, Melli Aromatica will notify the Customer electronically in the form of an e-mail that the order has been received or that the product has been ordered.

In the case of payment by e-banking and general payment, the contract is considered concluded at the moment when MELLI AROMATICA d. o. o. receives confirmation that the order amount has been paid.

If the ordered product is not available at the MELLI AROMATICA warehouse  doo will inform the Customer that the product is currently not available and inform him of the time frame in which the product is available.

The ordered product, depending on whether it is available in stock, MELLI AROMATICA  doo delivers in the shortest possible time.