Everything you need to know about skin care oils!

Facial oils do not hydrate the skin directly, but they are part of the hydration process! But why should I use them? How should I include them in my facial care routine? What if I have oily skin? Which oil suits my skin type? We bring answers to all your questions.

Oil is not just another step in the routine, oil is one of the oldest beauty rituals. The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used natural oils to preserve youth and healthy skin. Apparently, Cleopatra's routine also included applying olive oil to her skin and hair. What did previous civilizations know about oils that we can apply even today?

Oils belong to so-called occlusives - ingredients that help lock in hydration and prevent water from evaporating from the skin . In addition, oils are also emollients - ingredients that soften and smooth the skin .

However, we do not use oils exclusively to maintain the hydration that a moisturizer provides. Natural, cold-pressed oils are nutritious and nourishing for the skin . Each natural oil has a unique combination of fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutritional ingredients. The oils come in 100% form or as formulations with other ingredients.

What are the benefits of using oils in your skincare routine?

  • strengthening the skin barrier
  • soft, smooth skin
  • preventing dehydration and creating a protective layer on the skin

How and when to apply oil on the face?

We always apply oils as the last step in the evening routine on damp skin or after moisturizing cream. Another option is to mix a few drops of the oil with a moisturizer for long-term hydration.

The use of oils in the evening routine is essential for dry skin, especially at night, because then the skin produces less sebum and natural oils and will be exposed to a greater possibility of dehydration and water evaporation.

You can also use oils for morning self-massage of the face: they affect blood flow, improve circulation, relax facial muscles, raise tone and restore skin elasticity. The feeling after self-massage is divine!

How much oil should you apply?

Just a few drops will be enough for the whole face and neck. The oils are concentrated and you want a thin layer on your face that will be more than effective.

How to choose an oil for your skin type?

One measure can be the ratio of linoleic and oleic acids. Natural vegetable oils contain different percentages of these two fatty acids, and depending on this criterion, some oils will be more suitable for dry skin, and some for oily skin.

Research has shown that oily skin and acne-prone skin lack linoleic acid. That is why it is ideal to look for oils that have a higher ratio of linoleic acid, because the application of oils rich in linoleic acid will prevent excessive sebum production in the skin: sunflower oil (not for cooking, but unrefined, cold-pressed), hemp oil, grape seed oil, squalane (identical to the skin ingredient suitable for all skin types)

For more mature skin (yes, they also help with fine lines) or skin with hyperpigmentation , rosehip oil, evening primrose oil , sea buckthorn oil and tamanu oil are extremely effective.

Dry skin will benefit from any oil, but if we want heavier and more occlusive oils (with a higher proportion of oleic acid), we will look for apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil and other nuts .

The Melli line of Natureli cosmetics consists of basic care and includes the 3in1 Mairi dry oil. We want to change the opinion that oil is only for dry skin or purely an aesthetic product. Natural oils are precious products that can improve the health and appearance of any skin type.

3in1 Mairi dry oil: for face, body and ends of hair

  • intended for all skin types (except problematic skin with inflamed acne and pimples), and especially recommended for dry and mature skin
  • it is rich in natural oils and ingredients that are naturally found in the skin
  • perfect for the care of the skin of the face, body and ends of the hair
  • does not leave a greasy feeling
  • provides a silky experience
  • carotenoids from vitamin A combined with coenzyme Q10 provide additional protection against inflammation and skin aging caused by sun exposure

If you too are looking for an ideal travel companion, skin care after exposure to the sun that helps preserve your tanned complexion, and daily skincare routines that you can complement with a facial self-massage, 3in1 dry oil MAIRI is the right choice for you. Grab Mairi on sale and enjoy silky soft skin all summer!



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