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You must have seen all your faces last year, if you didn't have the chance (or strength) until then. In 2020, you could get to know your different being, your body and skin, spirit and mind - on a completely different level. The emotional struggle with oneself, but also with others, among other things, causes changes in the face! Not even protective masks helped...

Human beings have not learned to spend so much time indoors, showered with bad news, surrounded by ignorance, fear and negative energy, whether in business or private life. Everything we experienced in 2020 was reflected on us and our skin. The way we live, the food we eat, the situations we find ourselves in, are visible on the skin. Skin remembers.

I recently received a question about the basic care of our skin and promised to write a simple blog about it that will help:

  • to those who don't know how to take better care of their face and body (and don't know where to start with care)
  • for those who want to simplify their skincare routine
  • to those who are willing to start enjoying the time they spend with themselves

You can look at face and body care as: "I have to again" OR "I can't wait to feel clean and well-groomed." We choose the latter!

7 skin care tips:

  1. The number 1 cause of skin aging is exposure to daylight without protection, and the cause of skin cancer is UV rays. Don't skip using SPF cream even in winter! Of course, sun protection is not necessary if you work in a home office and it's raining outside. :)

  1. Cleanse your face both in the morning and in the evening. We collect dirt both during the day and at night, and more than we are aware of (pillowcases, towels, touching our face, cell phone....). Instead of washing only with water, in the morning introduce a gentle cleansing of the face with a soap designed for your skin type. Here's why soap:

  • The advantage of hard soap: it can be used for washing hands, for cleaning the face and for showering.
  • DO NOT rub the soap directly on a dry face, this can lead to excessive sensitivity. Use the soap on wet skin!
  • By introducing multifunctional soap, you save on 2 different products: liquid hand soap and shower gel. So: 2 less plastic bottles in the bathroom.
  • Don't be rough when drying your face, don't rub the towel on your face and don't share it with family members!

* so called. "Double cleanse" products are good to have in your evening routine in order to use them to double cleanse your face, after wearing make-up.

  1. The condition of the skin changes, it is impossible for all products to always suit us. Wearing a mask (albeit a cotton one), caused the appearance of pimples on my chin area, and I applied collagen tonic Eli with tea tree and sage to that exact area, instead of Rosea with gentle rose, which was my constant routine until then. It is important to find out the cause of the change in the skin, and be open to introducing new products if your skin needs them (you don't need 17 products for your morning routine and you don't have to buy them all at once). A routine can be both simple and effective, but sometimes changes need to be made gradually.

  1. If your face is dry, dehydrated, tight and peeling, it certainly needs a good dose of hydration, which can be obtained first through a tonic (or toner, it's the same).

As you age, you can start using serums and creams that are used to treat wrinkles, dark scars, dry and uneven skin, and premature aging.

Personally, I got rid of peeling skin around my nose because I introduced the 7 SKIN face hydration method: I sprayed the tonic on my clean hands and patted my face with my fingers until it was absorbed (I like to compare patting my face to playing the piano, so maybe it helps when practicing the method.) After the first playing, it is followed again by spraying and then tapping. So again. So again. While both actions; do not repeat spraying and tapping 7 times!

Yes, it seems like a lot of steps, but it's worth a try. Already in the first few days you can get rid of dehydration. This method is Korean, and I can say from my own experience that it works really fast on skin hydration. When the condition of the skin improves, when it is not dry and tight, you are free to reduce the steps, it is enough to use the tonic twice a day: in the morning and evening routine.

* We strongly recommend that you start moisturizing early, so that there is no premature appearance of wrinkles or hypersensitivity of the skin. Even young skin needs hydration!

  1. Throw away the tissues for cleaning your face! Imagine an orange on which you put liquid powder and then remove it with tissues. Orange pores will fill up with dirt and powder residue, and so will your skin. When removing makeup, you can use the already mentioned double cleanse ("double cleanse"): the products are two-phase. It is important not to use products with harmful alcohols, which can dry out the skin, to remove make-up.

* reminder: Double cleansing is done in the evening routine, extremely important for removing make-up. Don't forget to treat yourself to facial scrubs :)

6. As recommended, I tried using mineral powder powder, and I also bought mineral bb cream to even out the complexion (I much prefer it to powder, I rarely use it). Mineral powders have sun protection in them, BUT that doesn't mean that it is enough to use them when you are exposed to strong skunk all day (-> SPF!!!). "Ordinary" powders are too heavy for me, they caused a feeling of suffocation and I never really liked using them. Current daily needs do not require me to wear make-up, but I take care of my face regularly. Mineral bb cream is a discovery of 2020 - I enjoy using it, it fits my skin and perfectly evens out the complexion. To cover eternal dark circles, I also use the Bare Minerals mineral serum corrector.

* Allow your skin and face to rest from makeup!

  1. Do not compare your face with others, observe the skin and learn what changes are occurring. Don't forget that changes are normal and that many surrounding factors affect your face, but also you!

The most important thing is to clean, hydrate and protect the skin from photoaging every day, and choose active ingredients and additional steps according to the problems you want to treat. Skin care is very personal, so don't be shy to contact us for advice: we will provide you with aromatherapy consultation and be present on your journey to healthy skin.

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