Why do I exercise and how does it affect me and my skin?

Tennis is my first love! Balls, rackets, orange courts and tennis shoes were an integral part of my childhood. That was the can't wait to go to training! One point changes the whole story. Fight. One moment you have control over the ball, the next the net gets in the way and you lose. But you move on, every few seconds you have the chance to start over. It's up to you whether you want to give up after losing a point, or take a deep breath, remain stable and win a new point. A sport in which you can only win if you are mentally strong and don't lose control every 30 seconds.

Although tennis was not the only sport I practiced, I count a total of 15 years of love with it, with interruptions. If there hadn't been an interruption, maybe I wouldn't be writing this blog, but I would still be enjoying the fields and fulfilling my grandmother's dreams of becoming the Iva Majoli of that time :)

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, so I also believe that thyroid disease came to me at the age of 14 for a reason. Then the doctor banned me from sports. He said that I shouldn't strain and get tired. This is where my dreams fall into the water... Until today, I have not heard from a single person that sports should not be practiced if you have a sick thyroid (in my case, it is overactive). However, my story about tennis ended there. I returned to tennis after a few years, only once a week, for my soul. But... the love for sports did not stop.

At the age of 25, I combined tennis once a week, dancing twice a week (thanks to my friend Marta for the whole experience that ended up on stage in the theater!) and yoga once or twice a week. Today I am writing from the perspective of a 30-year-old woman who has reduced her activities "only" to yoga. I enjoy yoga, several times a week, I do it at home, and I don't have a specific time for practicing. I do yoga when I feel the need. When I feel the need to calm my body and spirit, to breathe consciously, to take at least half an hour of time for myself (in the day). My yoga is not head diving and various poses in the air. My yoga is simple and effectively keeps me grounded, I choose poses that I like and that help me. With yoga, I become aware of how important my health is and how much proper breathing can help me.

I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at the beginning of 2020. I went through tests for months to even come to this knowledge. The injections I received helped me to start moving normally again. I slowly introduced exercise, in order to strengthen my muscles and so that my muscles would support my spine. Thanks to exercise, self-control when moving (especially squatting) and posture, today I don't feel back pain. Pains can appear from time to time (it all depends on how much I exercise). Thanks again to yoga for proving to me that we can all do it and that we all do it in our own way. And yes, it can instantly help me with pain!

I may have made the introductory part too long, but through the story of sports and yoga, I wanted to tell you:

I really don't think it matters what others think about your sport and recreation. Exercise is only for you!

It is important to listen to your body. It is important that you believe that you can, because you can (of course if your health allows it and you feel good). You can start skiing at the age of 45 or start dancing Zumba at the age of 50!

It is important for your health, mental and physical, for the skin, for the body. I would like it if you would at least try to exercise. It doesn't matter what your workout looks like!

It is important that you feel good and that you are aware that you are doing good for yourself! Maybe you like the adrenaline rush and the feeling after exercise. :)

I'm sure you can find time to practice. If you think you can't, then you're looking for excuses. Rather read a few facts about exercise :)

This is how exercise affects your skin and body:

  • you improve blood and oxygen circulation (healthy redness in the face after exercise)
  • you reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • you stimulate the regeneration of skin cells
  • you increase collagen production
  • you strengthen your muscles

With beauty sleep, good eating habits, consistent exercise and a proper skincare routine, you can change your skin for the better! If you practice all of the above, it certainly has a good effect on your mental health. But, take it easy. Step by step, don't expect too much from yourself. Set yourself small tasks, keep a record of your habits, so that you can see your progress at any time. Seeing your progress, becoming aware that you are growing, also nurtures our soul!

Do you exercise too? Write to me, which sport makes you say "I can't wait again!" feeling?

Until next reading,


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