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Fragrant and soft laundry can cost you your health! I know it sounds scary, but it's true. Harmful ingredients and their origin are even more alarming, and there is no nice way to tell you - no matter how long I've been looking for it. Maybe until now you haven't asked yourself whether it matters which detergent you use, but if you have, I'll bring you the answer to the question:

Do commercial detergents and fabric softeners contain toxic ingredients? That! But there is also a solution.

I want to help you recognize which of these hard-to-read and understandable ingredients you don't want to have in your own home and why. Don't worry, I'll also cover ingredients that can have a positive effect on your skin, laundry, washing machine, wallet and our planet.

The elimination of ingredients that are harmful to your health, and you use them in the household, can last a long period of time, which depends on the number of products you use every day. What you definitely use is detergent and fabric softener, and it's enough to start with that change, that's a big step!


Did you know that (commercial) fabric softener is your biggest enemy in the household? Artificial dyes, perfumes and sulfates are an integral part of laundry products, and they cause: skin allergic reactions, rash, redness, itching. Allergies can appear at any time during your life and after long-term use of products that did not initially cause a reaction. And because you don't want to wait to be one of those who experienced a reaction on your own or your children's skin, it is important that you know the advantages and ingredients of natural and the disadvantages of commercial detergents.

Artificial ingredients often cause allergic reactions, and although the bleaches they contain are practical, at the same time your laundry loses its quality. The quality of clothing depends not only on production but also on its maintenance.

In order not to scare you and "attack" you with ingredients that are harmful, I will briefly highlight those that occupy the largest percentage in laundry products.

Please stop reading the blog for a moment, grab your detergent and fabric softener and try to find the following ingredients. If you suspect that your detergent contains them, but it is not written on the label - it is because each ingredient does not have to be legally indicated. I advise you to research the manufacturer and find the answer!

Ingredients you want to avoid in detergents and fabric softeners:


  1. Tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride - animal fat obtained directly from animals such as pigs, cows or sheep
  2. Petroleum distillates - petrochemical ingredients that are potentially carcinogenic, come from fossil fuels - one of the biggest causes of climate change and environmental pollution
  3. SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) – a harsh surfactant that will dry out the skin and cause skin irritation if it is in constant contact
  4. Synthetic fragrances (Perfume) - cause allergic reactions, petrochemical ingredients harmful to water and sea
  5. Artificial bleaching agents (bleaching agents) – can cause skin irritation, extremely harmful to water and marine life

Once invested in knowing the ingredients and effects of the product, it can save your health, make shopping easier and save money. At the same time, in this way you can make a positive change - the result will be a home that is safe to live in, a home in which you have reduced the ingredients that can harm you to a minimum.

Switching to natural products means learning a new way of using products. You will think more about the clothes you wear, you might even wonder if you need them that much. If you decide to clean your closet, the planet will thank you even more! " Less is more" attitude can help you to have neatly arranged clothes in your closet, while your laundry basket is empty. An empty laundry basket still seems like a fairy tale to me, but small steps combined with will and desire will get us there!


The natural ingredients of the Eco product line are gentle on your skin, laundry, washing machine, animal life and the Earth:

  1. It is safe for every skin, even the most sensitive! The natural scent of cotton is completely safe to use and does NOT cause allergic reactions on the skin. The Ecolabel certificate legally proves this. A very important item because it means that they can breathe a sigh of relief: people with skin diseases, prone to allergic reactions, sufferers of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis. The Melli Eko line will not cause or worsen all of the above.

  1. The combination of all ingredients has been carefully selected and only high-quality ingredients have been selected that do not harm your clothes. No film is formed on the clothes after using the fabric softener, which means that they protect the clothes. Stubborn stains must be treated before washing by washing the stain with cold water and applying detergent directly to it. Leave it to act and after a while wash it in the washing machine or by hand.

  1. Citric acid is an organic substance. The colorless crystalline compound is present in all plants, it is one of the safest additives in the food industry. And it acts as a cleaner on your washing machine - it dissolves limescale, cleans fat accumulations from the compartment for detergent and softener in a way that melts them. Dissolving occurs after only a few washes, it is only necessary to clean the dissolved.

  1. The main ingredients of the Melli Eko line are – natural soaps! Coconut and olive soap are biodegradable ingredients that have long been used for manual laundry. Marine life will not be endangered because the ingredients completely dissolve and decompose

  1. Melli detergent and fabric softener are 100% VEGAN and we proudly carry that official label - the Eco line does not contain ingredients of animal origin and is not tested on animals.

It is important what you wash your clothes with, because they are in direct contact with your skin. You can choose a product that is not harmful to you and all living things that surround you. Our dream was to offer a new standard of laundry products in Croatia in order to change the quality of life together with small but significant steps.

I will be happy to give you answers to all the questions you have and feel free to contact me in the comments or at hello@melliaromatica . I'm here to help you understand the ingredients, make a decision and accompany you on your way to a greener home

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