We have a new detergent and fabric softener dosage table + a greater number of possible washes!

The Eco line consists of a universal detergent and a fabric softener, and both products are concentrated. The fact that the products are concentrated means that you need to use them much less or that you can even dilute them with water.

Our Eco line research did not end with the product being placed on the market. In this year, Vesna continued testing in the laboratory, and both at home with different washing machines. Your reviews, inquiries, praises and criticisms have helped us a lot in researching and finding new information. When we collected all the information from the last year, we came up with a new dosage table that I am sharing with you.

For a certain period, there will be initial dosage tables on the labels of existing products, but already with the next batch you will be able to buy detergent and fabric softener with new tables and a greater number of possible washes:

25 washes of heavily soiled goods and 50 washes of slightly soiled goods for detergent and 20 washes for softener .

Until then, your orientation can be up at the said table.


  1. Use suppositories for dosing! One suppository = 8 ml.
  2. Pour half of one softener into an empty bottle and pour 100 ml of water into both bottles.
  3. Pour approximately 300 ml of detergent (1/3 liquid) into an empty bottle and pour 300 ml of water into the original detergent bottle.

The mentioned methods are your and our successful methods of minimal dosing of both products with maximum washing effect, which enable even the most "demanding" washing machines to completely remove the products in the compartments.

We are grateful and happy that additional research has shown that with Melli universal detergent and fabric softener you can wash significantly more laundry than before! The Eco line is available in all Interspar stores in Croatia, in the Melli Aromatica Spa shop at Šmidneova 1a in Samobor or on our web shop:


If you have additional questions about dosing or using the Eco line, you can contact us at any time via Instagram , Facebook or via email: .


We calculated that if you wash 3 washing machines a week, one bottle of our universal fabric softener can last up to 2 months, and one bottle of detergent can last even longer!

I believe that the new dosing tables will help you dose detergent and softener more easily, save time by measuring how much product you really need, and save money by using one detergent for all types of laundry (yes, even the most sensitive materials) and all age groups in your family.

We wish you a pleasant laundry ☺



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