Melli experiences in 2023!

A year has already passed since the unification of the Melli family, since I moved to Samobor - a year since my mother Vesna and I have been working from the same location after 5 years of remote business! I promised to write a blog about the whole year's impressions this year because so much has happened, and we want to have it recorded on our web and share important moments with you.

We start with a chronological recollection of the greatest moments of this year :

  1. Soaps made of white and green clay and lavender have been on the shelves of our first partner since February - you can still find them in all Interspar branches! Our aromatherapist Vesna, Melli, made them by hand herself, down to one, and I joined in the packaging in biodegradable foil and in paper boxes. All three soaps are 3 in 1 and you can use them to clean your face, hands and body!
  2. Selected Melli cosmetics for the body and home have also found their place on the shelves of the adorable Babushka Boutique in the center of Zagreb, where domestic brands are on the shelves.
  3. In May of this year, we signed up for the Croatian handiwork project, Lidl's successful brand of Croatian products "Tastes of Homeland" , whose goal is to support family farms and small suppliers like us. And we passed! Vesna expressed her wish for us to register, and Lidl expressed her wish to include as many as 6 products in addition to the two registered products! Thus, in December of this year, the entire Eco line for laundry care (softener, freshener and detergent) and three types of soaps for cleaning the face, hands and body were available at discount prices in Lidl.
  4. We also marked December this year by entering the Healthy Food Factory : the Eco line for laundry care finds its way to your homes even more easily, and that makes us very happy.

Living in Croatia in the last year has also allowed me to connect with wonderful women with whom, until recently, I was creating a relationship through social networks. So, on behalf of my mother's and my brand, I was at the opening of: MATI Center - a comprehensive center for pregnant women, mothers, women and families, and the House of Medicinal Plants in Matulji! We are also grateful for wonderful collaborations such as the one with Indira Juratek from the Budi dobro portal, the Shuz brand of personalized mothers for children, behind which Maja and Ljudmila stand, the psychologist Tanja Hrvatin Šimičić, and Una Bridged, who has been with Mellica for many years!

And in our wonderful BACKYARD in Samobor, together with La Mia flower shop and Hamari Unique house of local design, we created magic throughout the whole year, I dare to say :) We organized the first skincare workshop in Samobor , Fragrant stories from the Dvorište, during which the adults enjoyed themselves with the family's fine wines Filipec, and the children made their first soaps in a real laboratory with Vesna and played with a small washing machine and water balloons. Sugar for the end of the year was also the traditional Christmas get-together!

From fairs this year, we participated in Qart several times, the Baby Fair in Family Mall, traditionally at Samoborska Furka and Zegevege Festival , and Sudamja in Split - the pace was turbo on weekends, but we really enjoyed every fair!

What we haven't shared yet is that behind the scenes we've been working on the rebranding of cosmetics for a long time with our longtime designer and photographer Karl Jelić from Studio Senzaci. The first place where you will see which product we redesigned first is Interspar branches. We can't wait to show you!

WOW. Only now, when I write down our achievements and collaborations this year, I slowly get a real impression of how much has actually changed for the better and how much our effort, desire and vision to preserve our skin, clothes and planet - makes sense!

Our goal to try to change people's awareness of the importance of preserving our two homes - our body and our Planet, is more and more tangible thanks to the fact that more and more people recognize the importance of change for the better, for our future and the future of our children.

Thank you for being part of our community and following Melli's path, which started in the basement of the family house as a hobby!

After we rest a little, we start the new year in the same tone: with big plans that we will gradually reveal to you. Thank you 2023 - you were fantastic, it happened again!

See you soon, at a new location in our town of Samobor!

They wish you a happy entry into the new year 2024

Your Mellice,

Vesna and Ivana

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