Autumn - the perfect time for pampering and enhanced skin care

It is unstable, rainy, windy, capricious. Ms. Jesen! Dressed in a brown coat, with a yellow cap and red boots, she carries dryness in her large gray bag. Open it every now and then and treat us with a warmer or cooler wind, which will definitely leave a mark on our skin . Thus, our hands and feet become dry , as well as the corners of the eyes , the area around the nose , especially if Miss Prehlada catches us along the way. That is why it is extremely important to introduce hotter and fattier meals full of seasonal ingredients during Mrs. Jeseni's time. But, apart from that, now is the time to take more care of your skin!

What definitely ignites – after a warm shower, smear yourself with slightly warmed oil. But so that you don't have to shower again and wash the oil off your skin, mom Vesna has prepared a dry oil for you that is used while the skin is wet . Golden macadamia oil, wild rose fruit oil, as well as apricot stone will make your skin as soft as a baby. You can apply MAIRI 3in1 dry oil even to the ends of your hair, so that it remains shiny in all changing weather conditions.

After a hard day's work, the skin on our face can't wait to be cleansed of make-up, which is not always the most gentle on our skin. Let's add to that the city smog, plus the temperature change inside and outside, it's really not the easiest for our skin to defend itself from external influences. We thought of you in this case too!

First, you take white clay soap with which you will deeply clean dry and sensitive skin and remove dead cells. Then, by washing with Rosea tonic , you will nourish your skin, and at the same time, the rose hydrolate in the tonic will give an antioxidant touch. In addition to rose hydrolat, this tonic is made from red algae extract, aloe vera gel and plant collagen . What a combination! If you have oily and mixed skin prone to pimples and acne, the trio set for oily and mixed skin is the ideal solution for you: green clay soap , Eli kolag en tonic and Eta moisturizing cream !

The wearing of gloves will soon begin, as meteorologists are predicting a polar wave. In the mornings, before leaving the warmth of your home, anoint your hands with IT A lotion , then wrap them gently in gloves. This lotion contains a combination of the holy trinity when it comes to quality skin nutrition – macadamia oil, sweet almond and shea butter , which smooth, soften and hydrate the skin. And what will you smell! The ideal solution for burying your head in fragrant hands, for example, while passing by city sewers. And everything is somehow easier, more beautiful, more romantic. We want such a world!

Don't forget about lip care - that's where Ani (our little superheroine!) balm comes to your rescue of rose with rich oils of jojoba and macadamia, to restore dry and damaged lips. A huge strength of this balm is that it is vegan, because nature has already given us everything with its herbs, oils and fruits.

We just need to use it wisely, just like our Melli sorceress and aromatherapist - mom Vesna.

And let's slow down together this autumn, sleep a little more, drink enough fluids, don't forget to hug each other - so that we are ready to welcome Grandma Zima.

Guest blogger: Iva Matić , author of the blog Da sam ja someone

Photo credit: Karlo Jelić

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