Behind the fragrant backdrop

How did Melli come about?

Vesna and Ivana in the Melli Aromatica workshop

The story of a mother and daughter's journey into entrepreneurial waters begins in 2013 in Samobor. A story about a life that, for wonderful reasons, takes us 660 kilometers apart. A story that will prove to you that dreams do come true, if you believe in them strongly enough!

Vesna (53) is my mother, a brave and fearless woman who, eight years ago, set out on her own journey - the journey of realizing her biggest and deepest dreams, while I was struggling with mathematics and computer science at the university in Varaždin.

After 2 years of studying, I dropped out of Entrepreneurship Economics and enrolled in professional journalism studies in Zagreb. During that time, Mom attended her first workshops, slowly upgraded her knowledge, and moved into the world of aromatherapy.

For years, I wrote recreationally on social networks about the natural products that Vesna makes according to her own recipe, while I gathered experience in two Croatian web shops, in the field of content marketing.

In the second semester of the public relations and communication studies, my life turned upside down. You yourself know that life can happen just when you think that you are living that same life to the fullest... In 2017, I started a graduate study in Public Relations and Communication Studies in Varaždin. A little more than 6 months after enrollment, I got pregnant, moved to Germany and at the end of the year married my longtime love.

660 kilometers away from everything known, but with a suitcase full of wishes and plans for the future.

That same year, Vesna became a certified aromatherapist and hung (among other things) her diploma from the Adrianus School on the wall.

Although circumstances have changed significantly, Melli has remained our main focus. It is true that all processes slowed down and became more difficult, but both mom and I knew that we wanted to further develop our little world of fragrance.

Juggling various areas of life is not an easy job, but with the support of our families, we took a step forward and started the rebranding process in February 2019.

Searching for good and recyclable packaging and boxes, designing and sketching labels, starting the process to obtain a vegan label, the role of mother to a two-year-old girl Anna, learning German, writing a thesis and finishing college in Croatia, opening a Melli shop in Samobor... The process was slower than planned ☺

On our way to the present, new, young people joined the team and enriched Melli with their courage, desire for advancement and knowledge:

Karlo Jelić contacted us on his own initiative and has been a Melli designer and photographer for almost a year, located in Sisak.

Andrea Tomljenović, my former journalism colleague, is writing to you from faraway Dublin!

Mary Novosel, who gives us the laboratory in Bestovje, has been with us since the very beginning. Thank you Mary <3

Aleš Horvatek, web designer from Zagreb, who collected all our materials, combined them and created our web shop!

Nika Martina as a student who will welcome you in the newly opened Melli shop, at Ulica svete Ana 1a, on Samobor square ☺

I'm sure that everything happened (and slowed down) for a reason and that it was that path that brought us to the present - to the Melli Aromatica website, web shop and our blog. I am happy that Andrea and I will have the opportunity to blog about the importance of skin, face and body care. We will try to explain to you as well as possible the effect and action of each ingredient that Vesna carefully selects and which are found in the products!

We want to encourage you to choose products that are not tested on animals, to read what is written on the declarations and to recycle (i) cosmetic bottles.

Are you aware that the choice of cosmetics affects your whole body (outside and inside), but also the environment that surrounds us?

Until next reading…

Fragrant greetings, Ivana

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  • Pozdrav hrabri i vrijedni ljudi!
    Dirnula me vaša priča… Kao vlasnica privatnog businessa tražila sam neke nove ideje za božićne poklone klijentima- nešto hrvatsko, s pričom, eko, i naletjela na vašu stranicu… pročitala vašu priču i, sa suzom koja mi teče niz obraz, pišem ove riječi… Odlučila sam kako moram pod hitno isprobati vaše proizvode i upoznati vas, nadajući se budućoj suradnji!
    Dakle, narudžba ide odmah! Želim vam još puno hrabrosti, sreće i uspjeha!


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