Facial cleansing 101

Bathroom sink with Melli Aromatica body lotion and handmade clay and lavender soap

When we were younger, it might have happened to us a few times that we were out late, came home tired and simply couldn't find the strength to remove the makeup from our face.

This may be forgivable in our teens or early 20s, but even then it is quite harmful to our skin's health. Improper or no facial cleansing will have dramatic consequences on the appearance and function of the skin, and to prove that I am not exaggerating, read on :)

Why is cleaning so important?
In addition to removing makeup, sebum and product residues, we also remove dirt from the outside - such as polluted air and smog. When we leave it all on our face (and the pillowcase), we risk blocked pores .

Blocked pores mean sebum can't get to the surface, nor can sweat or dead skin cells. This will result in trapped accumulations under the skin which means inflamed skin and painful acne . Also, while oily skinned people may not be the biggest fans of their sebum-induced shine - sebum is key to skin health . In addition to moisturizing it, sebum on the skin creates a barrier that prevents bacteria from penetrating deeper.

By cleaning, we also maintain the skin's pH value , which is essential for retaining water and the products we use. So, although impure skin will appear oily after a while, it will actually be dried out. When we clean our face, we not only remove accumulations from the surface, but also enable the skin to perform its functions smoothly.

By washing the face, we remove all external influences that:

  • take care of the skin,
  • cause wrinkles and hyperpigmentation,
  • hinder the penetration of active ingredients and products
Blonde girl holding a white clay handmade soap

1. It is important to understand your skin type - by knowing your skin type, we will choose the right product and properly incorporate it into your routine. For example dry skin types do not need to use cleansers in the morning, but only water, because otherwise they could further dry out the skin. Oilier ones will be more suitable to use the cleaner twice a day. The approach is individual and everyone has to try the routines to see what works best for us.

2. Double cleanse in the evening - while in the morning some people can only wash their face with water, in the evening it is ideal to use two types of cleansers. The make-up and SPF that we wear all day will be best dissolved with a more oily product such as oil or balm. While
we will completely remove the impurities with the second step - the cleaner. Apply the oil in circular motions and gently massage the face until the makeup is spread and melted. Then, wash your face and apply a small amount of cleanser and clean your face with it for up to 1 minute. Always use lukewarm water to avoid irritation caused by excessively cold or hot water.

3. Avoid cleaners with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - SLS is not a bad ingredient but too aggressive for facial skin. In body shampoos, it is acceptable to us because the skin of the body is thicker. It will dry the face too much and remove its natural oils. Look for sulfate-free cleansers and soaps that contain moisturizing ingredients and help with exfoliation.

4. Pat the face with a towel and do not dry it completely - whenever possible we want to avoid rubbing and stretching the skin. We will not remove it by tapping and will leave it moist. This moisture is essential for better absorption of the products that will follow.

5. Change towels and pillowcases - dead skin cells and dirt accumulate on them, and it is important to change them often to prevent the development of bacteria and thus acne.

Natural handmade clay soaps in a box

After cleansing, it is important to apply toners and serums as soon as possible, and then retain all the moisture with a nourishing cream. Don't forget sun protection in the morning!

Mella's offer includes two SLS-free soaps intended for the skin of the face, hands and body, which gently remove all impurities without drying them out.

  • White clay soap is intended for all skin types - white clay is extremely mild and exfoliates without irritation. It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Green clay soap is for oily and acne-prone skin - green clay is the gold standard for absorbing impurities and excess sebum and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Both soaps are enriched with moisturizing ingredients to prevent drying, and contain antibacterial tea tree oil.

Cleansing is truly the most important step in any skincare routine that will ensure health, shine and maximize the performance of your other products. Don't skip it!

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